Why do we need The CSF?

Catholic-Christians have come to be treated as second-class Indian citizens.
The attacks on the community have increased manifold over the last few years.
Another disturbing trend is the Church & Clergy bashing in the media – films & novels.
Denial of opportunities to the community & non-inclusion of community members in public life.
Abuse & violations of human rights & constitutional safeguards, irrespective of the political party.
Affronts on the freedom of religion & myths about Christianity in India, being a westernized religion.

Communalism or minorityism has come to mean that numbers/might is right & most vocal is catered to.

What is The CSF not?

We do not impose Catholic-Christian ideas/opinions & we follow legitimate means of expressing our opinion. We prefer the Latin dictum: suaviter in modo, firmiter in re (smooth in the manner, but firm on the issue).

We not communal or fundamental & only in favour of universally applicable inalienable rights of any individual.

We are not a business entity, though we strive for economic upliftment, through our programmes & do not have profit, as our motive.

We are not political & equidistant from all political parties, reserving the right to take up our cause with any party -left, right or centre.

We do not get involved in theological / denominational issues that concern the Church & in matters of faith or morals accept the authority of the Church.

We are not for unlimited freedom of expression, criticism of any religion (majority or minority) or culture & for senior leaders of The CSF contesting elections.

What does The CSF do?

Fosters national integrity & development for all.
Protects the Catholic-Christian community interests.
Brings aid/assistance, irrespective of any discrimination.
Expresses the Catholic-Christian opinion publicly in the media.
Establishes institutions & undertakes campaigns to fulfill its aims.
Consolidates the community to protest/demonstrate against attacks.
Prevents movies against the Community, Church, Clergy, Nuns, etc.
Extends relief services, without any discrimination to poorest of the poor.
Defends the Issues, Papacy & stands up against anti-community public initiatives.
Builds a community that is strong in mind, body & spirit -inspired by Christ & His Church.
Joins the government, national & international organizations in projects that bring relief to those in need.

Who funds The CSF?

You do! Of course God does – through you. The finances of a few individuals / trustees (even though they may donate large sums) are hardly enough to meet the huge challenges at hand. We are member / donor driven. Without Him, we could do nothing & without Him using you as instruments to be a blessing – The CSF would just not exist. We believe in micro-financing that got the Nobel prize. Each one contributes just a few rupees – no one prevents you from contributing more. We need as much as we can get & assure it will be put to use in the same year. The Lord will provide for the next.

Why Join?

To practice Christianity, as Christ intended us to
To speak with one voice on issues that concern us.
To express your solidarity with & assist those in need.
To put up a united opposition against attacks & persecution.
To be part of the national mainstream & do your bit for India’s welfare.
To safeguard the Indian Constitution & Universal Human Rights Charter.
To be part of the national & international Catholic-Christian movements of love


However, YOU are more important than your money. The non-financial talents, contacts, influence, resources & blessings that you have are priceless. No matter who you may be. For instance, even anyone old/sick/invalid can help The CSF by their prayers, which has infinitely more value. But, if the Lord has blessed you with money, but no time -Donate & plant a seed.
In order that any & everyone from the community becomes a member, the minimum fees are at nominal -about Rs.2 per month. Something that EVERY -child, adult, youth, senior, woman.. can easily afford. Get in touch. Contribute by either becoming a member / donor.